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Tax Investigation Support

Helping you deal with HMRC tax investigations

HMRC conducts hundreds of tax investigations every year. Businesses can be investigated for all manner of tax-related reasons but these typically revolve around corporation tax, VAT, and PAYE. But investigations can also be opened on account of late filings and returns.

Whether your business is targeted or is under a random check, you need representation to ensure you are represented correctly. Praxis can help with the HMRC while you focus on running your operations.

Tax investigations and dispute resolution services

There are various reasons why HMRC might choose to investigate your business. Some of these checks are triggered automatically. Others are done at random. Whatever the case may be, your business needs professional representation when being investigated. Praxis tax advisors have specific expertise in dealing with HMRC investigations. Our services are comprehensive but mainly cover the following key areas.

  • Collection, preparation, and submission of the required information to HMRC.
  • Analysis of company accounts to plan an appropriate representation.
  • Due diligence of the nature of the investigation.
  • Physical presence at HMRC meetings.
  • Conducting negotiations on impending penalties.
  • Campaigning for all possible relief from HMRC for your business.

HMRC aspect investigation support

As aspect investigation occurs when HMRC intends to look at a specific part of your business. This could be a mistake in the accounts or the amount of total tax paid. In most cases, HMRC is looking for more information to understand the discrepancy. However, aspect investigations should be considered as important as full investigations. This is because failure to satisfy HMRC can result in a full investigation. This can mean stricter checks and could lead to penalties.

Praxis deal with aspect investigations with the same importance as a full investigation. Our goal is to accurately present your fairs and protect your interests. We understand how HMRC investigations operate so we can prepare for what they are looking for and how to resolve investigations quickly. Get in touch if you have received a notice for an aspect investigation.

HMRC full investigation support

A full investigation is much more serious than an aspect investigation. HMRC only initiates a full investigation when they have very tangible concerns. They could be after you for alleged tax evasion or serious errors in your filings. Full investigations can even involve looking at the tax affairs of the company directors. It can focus on VAT, corporation tax, and capital gains tax. HMRC has various checks embedded in their systems, and these can trigger an alarm which might lead to an investigation. An example could be of a company with stable revenues but consistent yearly losses.

When we represent your business, we take a close look at your books, sit down and go over everything with you to understand the cause of the discrepancies. We can even perform business audits to determine any underlying issues. Our team includes auditors, tax advisors, and analysts to help quickly determine the issues, and more importantly, the resolution.

Support for HMRC PAYE investigation

HMRC can open a PAYE investigation if they detect any related irregularities. These can often relate to your payroll not meeting required National Insurance requirements. HMRC  may send investigators to a business’s premises that is under investigation – although they inform the business beforehand. This makes it easy for you to have an accountant present to answer their questions – Praxis can represent you.

PAYE investigations look at how your business operates their payroll. This can check whether self-employed people engaged with the business have been reported. If your business hires freelancers, their affairs will be thoroughly investigated as well.

There is a considerable level of activity by HMRC when PAYE investigations occur. This often involves a lot of back and forth correspondence. Paxis tax advisors are HMRC investigation specialists and ready to help you. We can be present at the premises during visits from HMRC, answer their questions and provide them with the required information.

HMRC VAT investigation – help and advice from the specialists

If your business is registered for VAT, you need to keep your accounts in order. If you don’t, this is a cause for an HMRC investigation. These investigations can be targeted, but they can also be random. VAT investigations are some of the strictness that HMRC can initiate and they can impose very high penalties if VAT irregularities are detected.

Praxis tax investigation specialists can adequately handle your representation should you be under VAT investigation. We understand how VAT investigations work, what HMRC is looking for and we can provide advice, support and representation for your business.

Corporation tax investigation support

Not reporting the correct levels of profits can land you in serious trouble with HMRC. Your business has to pay corporation tax on its profits every year, but if you don’t, HMRC takes corporation tax evasion very seriously. 

HMRC have various automated checks in place within their systems, and these can automatically detect fraudulent activity. But even if your accounts are in order, you can still face a random investigation. Using a Praxis tax accounting specialist can ensure your matters are resolved quickly and correctly.

HMRC income tax investigation

HMRC can investigate your personal tax-related affairs if they suspect any suspicious activity. This can happen if you have multiple sources of income. This can also happen at random. 

In either case, professional representation can be of great benefit. Our tax accountant can review your personal financial affairs in detail, help you understand the investigation and prepare information required by HMRC. Our advisors can even attend meetings on your behalf. Praxis has helped various individuals and partnerships with their income tax investigations. Contact us today if you need assistance with your case.

To discuss Tax Investigation Support, contact Praxis to see how we can help.

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